General Dentistry

  • Bad Breath

    Are you suffering from chronic bad breath? At Kerhoulas Dental we will help you determine the cause of your bad breath and can help you work towards finding a solution.
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  • Dental Hygiene & Prevention

    Regular dental cleanings with our team of dental professionals in combination with at-home oral care are so important in the maintenance of your oral health.
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  • Dental Crowns & Bridges

    At Kerhoulas Dental we may recommend a dental crown or bridge to help strengthen a weak tooth or replace a missing tooth.
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  • Oral Cancer Screening

    At Kerhoulas Dental we believe in prevention, which is why we offer services to help identify oral cancers early.
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  • Dental Fillings

    Our dentists may recommend a filling for patients with a decayed, cracked or damaged tooth.
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From Our Team

  • At Kerhoulas Dental Streetsville, we provide a variety of treatment options to meet the unique needs of all our Mississauga patients.
    - The Kerhoulas Dental Team
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