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How to Find a Dentist?

Finding a reputable dentist is important for every person’s health and well-being. Adults should have a routine cleaning every six months to eliminate plaque and check for periodontal disease and other problems.


Without visiting a dentist regularly, one can lose teeth and destroy a previously beautiful smile. Anyone who has not been seen in over six months should make an appointment as soon as possible.

The following are three ways to find a reliable dentist:

Friends and Family Members

One of the quickest methods used to find a dentist is asking friends and family members. Patients can usually trust the word of people they know. If a family member or friend has been going to the same dentist for years, it is a sign that the dentist is reputable. No one would return to a dentist that gave him or her a poor experience. Therefore, if the family member recommends a specific office, it is probably wise to give it a try. 

Online Search Engine

As more people are starting to use computers for their every need, search engines are becoming the most popular method of getting information. Anyone can find a local dentist by typing the location and the word “dentist” into the search bar. The search will return results by popularity. It is up to the person seeking help to conduct research on the establishment before proceeding. 

Dentists with websites will usually have client testimonials somewhere on the page.  An interested party can read through these testimonials to find out the dentist’s reputation.  Some sites may even have a contact page for questions and comments.  If there is no way to ask a question online, the person can always pick up the phone and dial the office.  If the receptionist provides superior customer service, the patient may want to make an appointment there.  A happy receptionist indicates that the existing patients are happy.

The Ontario Dental Association

The Ontario Dental Association is another great resource to use to find a dentist.  Someone looking for a dentist can type “dentist directory” in the search bar.  This prompts movement to another page.  On this page, there is a link that the visitor can click on the find an ODA dentist to visit.  A Visitor can find a reputable dentist in minutes.

No matter what method a client uses to find a dentist, the outcome will be the same. The person will have a healthy mouth and an absolutely gorgeous smile.

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