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What Your Smile Says About You

A person smiles when he or she is usually doing it because of a funny joke, a good feeling, or good news. Not many people put thought into how they are going to smile because the brain automatically responds to the stimulus and causes the facial muscles to expand and the teeth to show. 


Other people can gather a great deal of information about a person just by the way he or she smiles. The eyes may be the gateway to the soul, but the smile is what helps people read and understand what is going on inside that soul. The following are examples of types of smiles and what each one says about the smiler.

The Tight/Closed Smile

A tight, reluctant smile or a covered up smile indicates anxiety about something cosmetic. The person could have a missing tooth, a crooked tooth, or discolored teeth. The brain’s first reaction to the stimuli is to move the facial muscles. However, the person then remembers that he or she does not like something cosmetic, and suddenly the hand goes up, and the mouth muscles get tight. 

In this case, the best course of action for the person to take is to try to get corrective treatment for the bothersome imperfection. A tooth bleaching would help to whiten up stained teeth. Partial dentures, crowns, or bridges could help with missing teeth. 

The Phony Smile

A smile that is so large that the person’s entire set of gums are exposed is usually a phony smile. The phony smile is most exercised by people who are sarcastic or a tad bit irritated with being forced to smile. The smile looks forced, and it does not fool anyone. The best solution for this type of smile is for the smiler to relax the facial muscles a tad bit so it at least looks real. 

The Crooked Smile

A smile that comes across at an angle is usually the smile of a very sly or flirty individual. This person is either thinking of a master plan or thinking about having some playful fun. If the eyes are half shut in addition to the crooked smile, the smiler is looking for love. 

The person with the crooked smile is confident in himself or herself. He or she has no problem with the fact that the smile is imperfect. The smile has been crookedly perfected over the course of life. 

The Real Smile

The real smile or the sincere smile is a smile that comes out naturally. The smiler’s face looks relaxed because he or she is not forcing the muscles to stretch. Dimples will show when a person is displaying a sincere smile. The eyes will sparkle and glimmer as well. A person who displays this smile is happy with love, life, and finances. 

A sincere smile can usually light up the room and touch the souls of everyone in the vicinity. It represents happiness with one’s self and an optimistic view of the future. 

The Tiny Smile

A smile that only reveals a small portion of the teeth is a smile of mystery. The smiler is inviting another person to learn more about him or her. The smiler is not ready to show this person everything, but he or she likes the onlooker enough to show something minimal. Tiny smilers are shy but loving. A person who uses this smile often has trust issues, but will be an excellent best friend or romantic partner once the trust issues are resolved. 

The Quick Smile

A person who smiles very quickly is being considerate. He or she does not really want to be exposed, but there is a chance of offending the other person. The quick smile is a smile that is used to express slight irritation. 

Smile Perfectly Every Time

Different smiles expose different types of emotions. The key to having the perfect smile is being happy on the inside and healthy inside the mouth. A good diet, a regular relaxation technique, and regular dentist appointments will help to give any person a smile that everyone will love. Building confidence and self-esteem will help to brighten the eyes as well as enhancing that beautiful smile.

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