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The Worst Foods For Teeth

Tooth care is important. Healthy teeth can make a good impression on others, but teeth riddled with cavities or a mouth full of missing or yellowed teeth can make people turn away in disgust.


No one wants to hear the dentist say the word, “Cavity.” Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are some foods that make it more likely that the dentist will say that dreaded word. Not surprisingly, they are all loaded with sugar.

Certain Sugary Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks, including diet sodas, are among some of the worst food choices for teeth. The sugars and the acids cause tooth enamel to erode, making cavities more likely and causing teeth to become more brittle, or more breakable. It can stain teeth, as well. Sports drinks also have tons of sugar and can be detrimental for teeth.

Alcohol is essentially pure sugar. Mixed drinks and wine can stain teeth, dry out the mouth and the high acidic content erodes tooth enamel.

Like wine, coffee and tea can stain teeth, giving them a yellowish or brownish look. Coffee can also lead to bad breath. 


Hard candies and chewy candies both form acid as they remain in the mouth, producing acid and allowing bacteria to develop and damaging tooth enamel. Pieces also stick to teeth, increasing the problem. 

Certain Fruits

Sometimes, the word “fruit” fools people into thinking it’s healthy, but when it comes to teeth, that’s not the case. The acidic content and the high levels of sugar in citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges and limes, are also bad for teeth. Drink water to counter the effects of the acid.

Dried fruits, with the exception of raisins, can also be bad for teeth. They contain a high amount of sugar, and, like candy, can get caught in teeth and stay there, leading to bacteria and tooth decay.

Foods Rich in Carbohydrates

This can be a lot of foods, but the main culprits are the ones that are made from refined carbs, like crackers. They become mushy when they’re chewed, allowing pieces to get stuck in teeth, and they quickly break down into sugars. This can lead to tooth erosion and bacteria. 


Pregnant women everywhere might weep, but pickles are high in acidic content from sitting in vinegar during the pickling process. As with other acidic foods, this erodes tooth enamel and increases bacteria.

A Dentist-Proof Diet

The good news is there are things that can strengthen and whiten teeth. The better news is these are foods that are healthy anyway, such as:

  • Fiber-rich fruits
  • Fiber-rich Veggies
  • Hard cheeses
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Milk
  • Strawberries
  • Teas

The good news is that even the worst foods can be consumed in moderation. Eat them with a healthy, balanced meal and brush after eating them. Drink water more frequently and don’t forget to floss. Eating healthy and having regular dental visits keep teeth strong.

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