Oral Cancer Screening

Our Kerhoulas Dental team in Mississauga offer our patients oral cancer screenings, to help detect any abnormalities early.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Mississauga

During your routine hygiene appointment your hygienist will perform a complete examination of your mouth, neck and head for any abnormalities in these areas.

Your hygienist will check for swelling, enlarged glands, ulcers and changes to the texture of the tissue in your mouth. Your dental hygienist will also do an external examination of your head, face and the back of your neck for any issues.

To help support your oral and overall health, book a dental hygiene appointment once every six months. Through early detection via regular oral cancer screenings, we can detect abnormalities early which can give patients more treatment options. Please tell your hygienist if you are interested in learning more about oral cancer screening.

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